A truly bespoke experience from start to finish.

Chapal pays great attention to quality and authenticity for each item ; everything is made in the slightest detail. The French Manufacture preserves craft techniques in his own factory as well as many operations that are meticulously handmade.

Each masterpiece is the result of the pursuit for excellence. Chapal creates a unique piece for each client in accordance with his desires, morphology and personality. As many as 2o measurements checking everything - from body circumference to shoulder slope, posture and arm position - are needed to draft the bespoke pattern.

Leather will be hand-cut and brought to life by a master tailor using the finest old-world craftsmanship. Every aspect of the bespoke garment will be cut and tailored uniquely from the "personal pattern" to ensure the very best 'Allure' and comfort whatever the occasion.

For a fully bespoke object, each customer can choose the pattern, texture, leathers colors, topstitches, stamp with initials and some others details of personalization which make your item unique.